government grudges gurudakshina?

Teachers’ Plight in India

“In a broad sense, any appointment, that is a deviation from the past practice in that state, is referred to as a para teacher. This broadly refers to large number of teachers recruited by the community (though not always), at less than the regular teacher pay scale, for the formal as well as Alternative schools, to meet the demand for basic education” source: Copy Right: DPEP Calling

“Since all the teach­ers will be appointed on contract in the state and the cadre of regular teacher has been done away with, therefore the contract teacher system has become the regular system. The government of Rajasthan has taken a similar policy decision…as decentralisation of accountabil­ity framework.”.

In Madhya Pradesh, the govern­ment policy is to appoint teachers only on contract basis. School teachers will henceforth, no longer be, a regular government employees.

How It Began: mostly for states like HP, Rajasthan. The Rationale behind the drive:

1) A sizeable number of small size habitations in remote and tribal areas, in different states, which do not qualify for formal primary schools within the state government norms…finan­cially not viable.

2) In regular schools, to ensure a minimum of two teachers in every school.

3) Because It does not require any significant increase in financial allocation to fill up retirement vacancies of regular teachers.

They were meagerly paid (initially it was Rs. 100 per month which was raised to Rs. 200 p.m.) because they had to work for only about two hours daily. That is how the concept of para teachers in education came into existence…Currently…not because they are working part time or the services they provide do not justify payments more than what they are paid currently.T hey are paid less because of state governments’ financial inability.

Qualification required for Para Teachers: Class 5 passed.

So am sure we can ALL tell what to expect. Would any highly qualified, properly eduacted person like to adopt teaching as a serious career? Would they survive?

How many para teachers per state?

Andhra Pradesh (35,000), Gujarat 485),   Rajasthan   (18,269), Arunachal Pradesh (10,961) West Bengal (8,065) Assam (2,332), Kerala (385) and Orissa (380). (Pl see looks like Gujarat no. has been tampered with-ALL aided schools in Gujarat pay INR 4000 to High School teachers).

Interesting to note here: the highest literacy rate is in Kerala out of all these states! Orissa has the highest number of people clearing the civil services exams! In these two states the number of ill-paid teachers is below 500!!!  In Assam it is less than five thousand!!! Despite insurgency there? Amazing or not enough data?

Why is communist West Bengal in this list at all? Isn’t it here that Tagore had laid the foundation of Shantiniketan and had said that for good education it is necessary first and foremost to be able to SUSTAIN our teachers. So he built quarters for them with adequate salary to see that they do NOT starve with their families.

 The government doesn’t have money but why would hundred year old reputed wealthy private schools like Convents in Gujarat do that? Do they lack the resources? Do they depend on the Government for Financial Aid/ Grant? Do they charge subsidised fee from students? Why can’t the non-govt aided schools pay their teachers the full salary they deserve, if they want QUALITY teachers with quality time to devote to their profession?

  Isn’t t there any smart economist/MBA/Financial Wizard to help the government generate money to pay their teachers?!!! What happens to all those students of ours who do pass out and go to these business schools? Somebody please save the teachers!!!


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