As I Run, Sing, Twinkle along this flashing trajectory called life, grow increasingly familiar with the  world around, I feel I could do better and maybe I should.

This is an extension of my blog Rolling which is just another journal-blog about transitions and changes in my  life.

In that space I simply record. I also used it to understand the dynamics of this space in the air. Here, however, I should like to connect. I am looking for you: 🙂

If you teach (especially in India), can understand and share my angst about the lack of system in our schools, are  concerned about the quality of language teaching, shortage of trained staff, good tools, slow insemination of information – in short everything that entails loss of resources affecting our future, I mean our children

If you genuinely care about how we train, about whether they really are getting “the best that is there” or “the best that we CAN give” or simply the best “that money can buy”…please come talk about what we could do differently, better, faster…

I would love it if you share:

content, tools, best practises, methods, most importantly your own experiences as Teachers, Trainers, Parents and any body who loves and cares…

I would do the same in my posts: share.

PS: Teachers’ Welfare is also an important part of this khonj .

Thanks. 🙂


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